Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The doubts, the spaces, the people


        "By being jealous you are withholding the person you loves ability to grow, expand, and flourish. You are taking away the chance for their soul to stretch within interactions and connections with people who stumble upon their journey-- limiting their growth and brilliance. This next bit might sound crazy but I implore you to take your hands stubbornly off your eyes and ears and hear me with compassion when I say-- if the person you are with crosses soul paths with another and feels a magnetic pull and connection, there is a good chance they will leave you. I say this to disintegrate that unnecessary fear building up within your chest at times. I speak this to the part of you that builds a web of stories--I want to nip your insecurity in the butt like it deserves and allow you to shine bright. You are worthy of a love that isn't ruled by fear, jealousy or insecurity. You are worthy of someone wanting just you. You have it all-- inside of that beautiful red beating heart in your chest, right now. It is a fact of life that we have multiple soul mates who we walk hand in hand upon this planet with, sometimes for long delicious stretches and sometimes only momentarily. They all stretch us so wide-- and give us more space to love further and deeper. I've met some of mine, you probably have too. You cannot suppress the inevitable, there is a chance the person you are with will not be your "forever" or "the one". But, they are the one right now. The one you get to share your juicy soul with and love relentlessly. So be present- be there. Make peace with the fact you don't hold the reigns to anyones hearts--sometimes, not even your own. It is impossible, and exhausting for you to clench fearfully to anothers heart in the hopes they will stay forever"    

~ Janne Robinson

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