Monday, October 15, 2012

Wading in the Velvet Sea...

     Autumn in Oregon means scarves, pumpkin-soy tea, rainy drives in my new (very-used) Subaru, seasonal micro-brews  and a myriad of other cliches. It’s annoying, yet cozy and familiar to be surrounded by.   I have been wearing my waterproof Merrells to class every day.

Speaking of class...sophomore year of the Wilderness Leadership program is theoretically in full swing. I just hope the reality is as good as our hanging hopes. I want to finish this...I’m not very good at finishing things (the Navy doesn’t count in my heart).  I am here because so many reasons, so mnay pieces of dreams, and half-drawn wishes.

This life is all I have ever really believed in, and loved.

     I’ve been biking more. There are so many pine filled trails out in Sandy, Zig Zag and onward towards Mount Hood. I love waking up early, dressing in warm synthetics, boiling tea for the thermos, and driving 30 minutes into the woods to get that cold air rush of a downhill ride before class.  Mark is a patient teacher. He coaches, he distracts my busy-beating heart, and he keeps Reiker from running ahead of my tires.( I have ran him over twice. He reacts with an oblivious toothy grin and a tail wag).  Thank you Mark, for showing us your world.

     Halloween is coming. The farmhouse is full of boys, food, and life ( and the constant haze of weed). It gets have so much personailty in a such a small universe.  But we have our room. We have our hideaway from the chaos. I have a bathtub, with bubbles, and the Pandora radio is full of tunes that say, “all will be fine...”

     In the meantime...

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