Sunday, September 11, 2011

Practicing my guitar again...

Crazy how I feel,
living without you
Inside this house that we built.
It seems like the windows
Finally open
Letting the memories out

Go on and love her
Love her forever
I will not tell her 
I told you to
You’ll never notice 
How much I love you
Lovin’s for fools
Love is for fools
Bon iver

Poem From The Road

it is late afternoon and raining...

the road is a dull chrome and
my tires read its braille, whispering
its stories to me in a low rumble...

i won't cry this time,
the world they describe is too magnificent,
my dear...

i will live on gasoline
and memories of nicotene,

and when i live
between yellow and white lines, i find
that being halfway somewhere
i am all the way home..


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