Monday, August 1, 2011

Enjoying it

"...And right there I felt that realization of I am small and the World is big.The experience of watching the sun set is humbling and such an appropriate representation of my beliefs on faith, or at least what it should be. It's big. Available to everyone. Perceived and practiced differently by diverse groups of people and rightly so. Grounding, comforting, uniting, intriguing and beautiful all in one. No walls to constrain it, no book to govern it. There, on that beach, that sunset was mine."
-Kelly Hampton

Other thoughts this Monday...

I'm feeling sad for my littles tonight. They have appointmets with the Humane Society in the morning.  I am fully supportive (even annoyingly out-spoken) when we are discussing the over-population of kittens.  I just never thought I'd have two sweet ones of my own with no Adult to do the "dirty" work for me. These two need shots, neuterings/spays,and it's up to us to get it right. 
But still,..
...I'm going to mix in some sirloin fat with their Science Diet when they get home;)

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