Friday, July 8, 2011

These are the days

The days have piled up and I have not yet written them in words.

 Pictures, yes. Somehow, they make more sense of my present world. They show my truth.  I've been reading bits and pages of my Geography of Oregon course book, but mostly I find myself on our tiny balcony engrossed in Songlines, by Bruce Chatwin, or Somewhere, A Band is Playing, by Ray Bradbury (hypnotizing)
My first west coast sunset 

I still pinch myself

fun fact: the owners of this little beach bar won the Oregon lottery.  Turns out they liked where they were all along, and stayed ;)

   Here is some honesty (please save your scissors)....For the past three nights, after my four mile-bike ride home from class (rocking out to Foster the People on the cracked ipod), Jason and I have been watching (in no set time limit) the entire Star Trek-next Generation series. We are currently on episode 16. Now, I know what 98% of you are thinking.  Me first. But..the show has moxie.

Can you guess Jason's crush? No, it's not the guy from reading rainbow

 Being an unlikely candidate for my own very recent four-year enlistment in the Navy, I'm digging military references, the jargon, the formality, and the codes that the crew of the Enterprise abhor. It's a nerdy, very secret, nostalgic part of my being now.  I accept that the Navy was imperfect, and that 6 days out of my 7 day work week I fought the urge to scream out every profanity I knew while at attention in ranks, or wander off on my own "walkabout" (thanks Mr. Chatwin) and quit. But the integrity that I witnessed and the individuals that wake up each morning to so much uncertainty, I will cherish. I will always remember.

Another reason, and probably a more truthful, is that I love the look on Jason's face as he turns to me from his comfy couch spot with a bowl of homemade popcorn between his legs and asks, with a little boy eagerness, "..So,.. what do you think of it..?"  You see, Jay never had TV. Never really had a routine...except movie night.  His family would eagerly await the new Star Trek episodes (one per month) to arrive at their tiny cabin in the woods.  Once there, the family of six would have to wait patiently until everyone came home to watch them. 

 He knows the opening credits by heart.

...and he's won mine ;)

The great Peanut..or that would be her name if we could decide on one..

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