Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Living more

The Dalles, OR Rodeo

  It's raining here and we slept in until 10:30. I always have this self-depriciating feeling when I "waste " the day. Last night's yoga taught us about Yamas; the outer elements of the world that we should be at peace with.  There is a voice inside us that we should make our friend. It's that one that tells you to feel guilty for sleeping in a bit, or not finishing every task on your impossible to-do list each day. It's the one that tells you hawiian pizza with white wine is a bad idea.  Well, I'm going to love mine.  I choose to wake up at whatever time with a smile and an excited opinion about the rest of the day's offerings. I choose to be in love with my body and my simple little life. 

Kinect makes people come over and work

  Speaking of that life...Jason's mother stayed with us for a few days last week. She is unlike anyone I've met.    I won't go into her life's secret dwellings because they are hers, but I do feel that some stories should be spoken. She was pregnant and married at 17 (small Minnesota town), and moved out to Oregon for an adventure with the man she loved.  Three more kids later, the love was becoming unfair and unbalanced. He left town for Lineman work, and other women, leaving her alone with four kids and a strong belief in saving a failing marriage.   She is on her own now, piecing back the parts of herself that have been long forgotten. Her "dating" skills" are a bit rusty.  We spent a day cleaning up her match.com profile, so that the world would know her soul, rather than her image.  It was nice to write it all out. Within hours, the response emails were pouring in from men with similar stories. Haven't we all been hurt?  They were all relieved to hear an honest voice on a dating site. It was a refreshing change from the "fun" guys she was used to recieving hellos from.   We had a good time. Grilled steaks one night and, (bless Jason's heart) watched "He's Just Not That Into You".  I feel like we all learned a little that week.  ;) thanks for the small lessons.

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