Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wyoming tales ;)

Rawlins, Wyoming days have been so..unexpectedly cool..

Last night at the 5 yr old's T-ball game, it started to hail. yes, hail.    Ya know what those resilient little 'wyoming-nites' did? Nothing. Mothers and fathers took off their much-needed sweaters and coats, draped them over their tiny T-ball champs' shoulders, and went right on cheering for those elusive home runs. 

I love this place. There is only one recreation center in town, (as with all other staple places, i.e grocery store, clinic, bank..). I like knowing that I might see the secretary of admissions from the hospital lifting free weights next to me, or the owner of the golf courses' wife teaching Zumba.(Or three burly men bench-pressing, wearing cowboy boots, Carhart & denim)

This place is growing on me. As well as spicy food, and good drinks at night. Cribbage is still a work in progress...

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