Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time to remember a little...

I have been writing a few scraps of sentences and bursts of feeling from the passenger seat of the jeep on our road trip inside my small journal decorated with buttons on the cover (thanks mamma).  We are here finally at a place filled with wind and high-air and scraped-by clouds called Rawlins, Wyoming. I love this life. I love the randomness of this trip from Virginia. We have stopped to see loved and missed faces in Four states. The brisk, salty connecticut air pushed us into the warm flat beauty of Minnesota, which only allowed us to stay long enough to kiss my nephew and hug my family before we were sent off cruising in the western mountain sun towards Wyoming.  I am so in love with this man who will take this 3500 mile adventure with a girl who throws temper tantrums when SHE almost runs us out of gas twice (once in Indiana, once in a snowstorm near middle-O-nowhere, South Dakota. We have had 200 mile stretches of SILENCE, followed by five hours of laughter and junior bacon cheeseburger fiascos. Thank you to the Comfort Suites , and the 24-hr liquor store in Gillette, Wy., for reminding me how wonderful bubbles baths are while the man you love eats breakfast on the floor next to the tub while playing with the warm water.  Thank you for the 30 hour stop in Germantown, Ohio after a car "discussion" went on to long, so that we could sit down with missed friends and breathe the simple air of bonfire and bud light limes.  Thank you for new welcomes in Wyoming and open minds of family. mmmm Life.


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