Wednesday, March 9, 2011

to my girl-soul out there...

               Working harder out to sea and it seems easier. 
                        Maybe I have decided, finally and possibly
                  fleeting, that it does not EVER matter
        what people think. Four years here in the Navy and I have finally 
           faced the fear and worry of what my boss's thoughts were of me, 
                             my character, my integrity... I don't know if they think at all. 
                             It is between God and my heart and my thoughts are mine alone.
                                 Lonely but true. I am NOT that important. (blog it, Jill). 
                                      We are all we have, so we need to treat ourselves with Love. 
                              Jason will have heart...all those scraped and bruised corners of it, too.
                                      I know that my blindness to flaws, and my naive stance on
                                      repeating heartbreak is powerful. 
                             "Our greatest strength is our weakness"- Men who Stare at Goats. ;)
                       I like that. I actually think that love is ok like that.
                                 It is supposed to be a full-speed-head emotion. 
                                       Sort of like the way our aircraft accelerate (kick in the NOS)
                    right BEFORE they have to latch a
                  thin steel cable 
                on the ship's deck with their tiny tail hook.
        (red-rover style)

It is a even bigger risk to slow down.  I love it.  Thank you for the lessons

.....and Now we go west. I need trees and big skyyyyy
I'm SO ready.

... thank you. I needed this

and this..

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